Deena13 Photography​

A little about me:

By Deena Cavallo

I graduated from Montclair State University with a BA in Fine Arts and  I've been working professionally as a photographer since 2008. Initially, I started shooting for myself, capturing my daughter's memories and my friends' live shows who played in bands. Music has always been a significant part of my life. Soon after, others saw my work and asked me to photograph their families and I was contacted by some national acts to cover their shows. After seeing some of my published work, I was hired on staff for Rock Show Magazine. Around the same time I shot my first wedding, Deena13 Photography was born.

I charge an all inclusive, hourly rate for most services and after I've finished retouching all the photos, I'll send you a USB flash drive containing all the high resolution image files.  I'll also include a custom DVD slideshow that tells the story of your day or event, to three to four songs of your choice (depending on song length, totaling about 15 minutes).

I do not sell prints and I do not create photo albums, but I'm happy to provide guidance along the way if you're not tech savvy.  I give my clients all the high resolution files with printing and sharing rights so you can have the pictures printed wherever you'd like.  This is a win/win for both of us because I prefer to focus exclusively on the artistic aspect of my work and you will save significantly because the markup on prints is quite high.  Quality prints and albums are simple to order and inexpensive, and I'll happily provide recommendations for professional quality, reasonably priced, online printing services. Drugstore printers are often not color calibrated so I strongly advise to use pro printing vendors instead (surprisingly, most are comparably priced to drugstores). I often work with
Reverend Anthony (as seen on TLC's "Four Weddings") from  NJ Wedding Ceremony and we offer multi-service package discounts to provide a savings to you, and simplify your planning. I have 5 star reviews on Wedding Wire and on my Facebook page, Deena13Photography​

My work has been published in dozens of local and national and international online and print publications such as Revolver, Spin, Billboard, The New York Times,  USA Today, PetSEA NYC, The Home News Tribune, MAC Life, Greenville Online, Fake Walls, The NJ Underground, Jersey Beat, and IFC to name a few. I've shot countless events, concerts, parties, weddings, and portraits, and I'd love to capture the magic of your special moments and to help make them timeless for you.

Nominated for Talenthouse Photographer of the Year 2011
Grand Prize photo contest winner for Carnegie Hall, Talenthouse 2011

Featured on the NY Times building in Times Square for Times Talks, NYC, as well as on the grammy award winning artist's CD cover
2nd Place 2010 NJ Underground Photographer of the year winner
IFC Grand Prize Photo Contest Winner

Staff Photographer for Rock Show Magazine

Angelic Care in the Home News Tribune